Chandigarh Queer Pride, 2013 – A Foreword.

The only right time for posting something, is when you feel like it, in your very own bones that is.

Chandigarh Queer LGBT Pride 2013
Pride Filled Balloons in the Sky

I had intended to post my experiences of the first ever Chandigarh Pride, 2013 the moment I came back home. In fact, I was so much drawn towards it that I started writing, even in the dim lighting of the bus on my way back home, conceptualizing all the posts.

However, as luck would have had it, it dint happen at that time. The official website of Jub We Talk got hacked (Dear hacker, May God gives you hell) and then we started planning a fund raiser for getting a ‘.com’ hosting and redesigning the website. And so it got delayed even further. And then blah!

Finally, I have come to a juncture, where I find it extremely necessary and completely indispensable to just post these experiences. I don’t know why. But I am guessing I would know why, when a certain thing would happen after I’d post it. Like I know I am waiting for something to happen, and it might just happen after I let out all of my experiences – all that I have to say. Although I don’t know as of yet what it is which I am counting on to transpire, but I believe I will get to know what it was, once it has actually happened to me.

Yes, I am looking for something from this. A word of compassion, a note of acknowledgment, or perhaps just a silent gaze of a distant witness…

Also, I realize a lot has changed ever since the Pride Walk first happened last year. The friends are not friends anymore and also, the foes not quite as much. I would like to urge one and all to refrain from getting personal here. I have tried not to touch the stuff that might be intimate to others and hence have ended up editing a lot. Albeit I have mentioned certain incidents, but they are completely innocuous and I would not have any problem in taking those down, if you would just peacefully ask for it.

Also, my dear reader, this is not a work of fiction. Each and everything mentioned here did actually happen.

Hoping that you would read all of the 8 snippets, and would have a nice time doing so, this is me signing off now.

Your’s faithfully


Here’s a quick look at all the snippets:

1. It Better Be Worth It.

2. Would You Take A Stranger Home? 

3. The Fleeting Glimpse of sweet sweet Pride.

4. Face, Friends and Souvenirs.

5. Someone’s Watching Over Me

6. I. Miss. Her.

7. Nothing but Bittersweet Experiences.

8. Dear Life, Bring it On!


9 thoughts on “Chandigarh Queer Pride, 2013 – A Foreword.”

  1. Finally!! (Yes, I repeated myself) The secret vault opens! Had almost given up on this! Make it no holds barred! Come on!! What’s a dish without spice?

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