Chandigarh Pride 2013 Snippet 2

Before reading this, ensure you have already read:

1. Foreword.

2. Chandigarh Pride Snippet 1.

~ Would You Take A Stranger Home? ~


How many of us would take a person we hardly know home? This chap, who came to pick me, did. We were stuck, as the Dharamshalas did not let me in, because I was late, and hotels? Well, in care you weren’t paying attention, I am quite broke and yet suffer from wanderlust. You see, we at Jub We Talk and my Just Me Anuj are yet to start making any money out of it, so till then, it’s all going to be the cheap local buses, and Dharamshalas, or getting indebted by people who are kind enough to do us favors. No, I did not message him. The guy who claimed to be in love with me, who I thought I loved. I knew he could not have helped, and also, I refused to get disappointed and disheartened all over again.


A few highly awkward moments later, the slumber prevailed.




I am sitting in a studio, giving the final touches to the documentary. These two volunteers from the Saksham Trust have really done a fab job – taking the interviews of straight crowd in the Punjab University, shedding light on the lives of lesbians, trans, gays etc. and assembling the snippets of what the famous celebrities like Obama, Gaga, Anne Hathaway etc feel about homosexuality. My very own colleague and friend, Admin Saz has also prepared a PPT meant to educate people about the homosexuality. The PPT is scheduled to be played in Sector 17 Chandigarh, while we would be walking from the student center of Punjab University to the Sector 17 market.


I check my phone again. It’s already 4 and we are running far behind the schedule. The documentary is awesome, there is no way we should be missing it, yet however, the stupid computer would not work its fat ass on time.


Just 15 more minutes to go, I am ready with the first part – the part that consists of what the straight crowd of Punjab University feels about LGBT. It was quite baffling to see hardly a handful of them knew the expansion of the term LGBT. Though it felt nice to see how most of them were the supporters of sexual minorities. My heart went out to a girl who said she would still support her gay brother, because that is what sisters do and that she cannot abandon her brother just like that, and finally I was comforted by the words of a wise old man with a rather long beard and a mystical persona and serene aura surrounding him, who spoke in immaculate English and said Homosexuality is a personal choice, which needs to be respected and he would still treat his son as normal, even if one day he turned out to be gay. That pretty much sums up the first part of the documentary.

(And well, these are their opinions so it’s not like I can perhaps fine tune them.)

In the next part these people have put together the lives of people from the LGBT community. There is a sexy female, a lesbian, who speaks with confidence and élan and is proud of herself – a sexy, bright fabulous lesbian girl – hawt! I do feel a little but sad when I hear her say that she has no interest, what so ever, in boys. Bisexual blues you see! 😥

Next is a gay guy who speaks about the bullying in college and also how his female friends always come up to rescue him, and treat him as equals. All hail the female power!!!!

Then there is a seemingly effeminate male, I am not sure what tag to put on him, but I have a smile on my face as I hear his experiences of leaving his family, settling down here in Chandigarh, and how the people from the community helped in rehabilitating him.

Lastly, there is a beautiful female – no wait! She is a transgender – but still, really graceful and beautiful. She is dressed in a simple Salwaar Kameez, with really long and beautiful hair and is talking about the ordeal that trans people face – being bullied at streets, doctors delaying medical aids to them in the hospitals etc. Finally, she strikes the right cord when she says “agar maangane se haq nahi milta hai toh usay cheen lo!”


I see the chap, who let me crash at his place, fuming over my head. Of course we are late for the pride. He has my bag. I think he expects me to change here in the studio. And I think I am right! He really does! Being fully aware of the fact that arguing would only be a waste of time, I grab my bag and change behind the slider door. For a brief moment, I feel anything but the pride. 😉


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